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The Online Safety Group is focused on helping Parents to keep their kids safe online. We do this through the content on this site, and with our community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Additionally, we provide free and paid for guides on our Current Projects page.

Speaking and Interviews

Online Safety Group is an initiative created by Dax Hamman, who has been in the media and technology industries for 15 years. Dax has significant experience working with the media to provide background information, data, articles and interviews for TV, radio and online. Dax is also an experienced public speaker and may be available for your event or as an after dinner presenter.

Data and Reports

We have significant data resources available to us. As an example, is a site where Parents come together to vote on the appropriate age for their children to watch specific TV shows and movies, as well as engage with apps and to go through various life events.

Through this site we can poll thousands of Parents on almost any topic, and generate the data quickly. As an example, we polled Parents about TV watching habits and published the results on Huffington Post:

Huffington Post: TV Can Sometimes Make a Good Third Parent

Data from the parent's site '' reveals that as the responsible adults we rarely agree with each other about what shows are actually appropriate and when. Family Guy for instance carries an official age rating of TV-MA (TV-14 for edited versions) yet Americans consider 12 to be acceptable, Canadians 13 and the British, 14. Within Canada itself Ontario, The Prairies and Quebec pushed the average even younger than 13, and British Columbia and the Atlantic region moved it back higher.

Whilst the US may have felt 12 was acceptable overall, the rural areas voted strongly for no viewing until they were a full 18 years old, and in the UK the polarizer was gender, with men allowing their kids to watch from 12, and women feeling 16 was more the right time.

Similar differences were even seen on AreTheyOldEnough with shows that were actually made for kids, including Cartoon Network's Jonny Bravo. The wise-cracking, Elvis-like show carries an official guidance of TV-7, but Americans argue for 9, and the UK and Canada, a more conservative 11.

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