The Dark Side of the Internet - 5 Things you Didn't Know About the Dark Web

The Dark Side of the Internet - 5 Things you Didn't Know About the Dark Web

The dark web, also known as the deep web, is a hidden part of the internet that most people will never hear about and certainly never see. Only accessible through software like the Tor web browser, this dark corner of the internet is all about privacy and anonymity, making it a safe haven for political activists, hackers, and more sinister criminal-minded individuals. As the true dark net can be so hard to find and everything is so privacy-oriented, most on the internet will never know too much about it, and that might be for the best. 

You Can Buy Anything There

The dark web isn't just for browsing, it is actually a pretty packed market where people can buy and sell anything without any regulation. This includes almost exclusively sinister things like copied credit cards, fake passports, guns, and even drugs. Due to the risk involved, everything is pretty expensive, but if you wanted to buy anything that isn't strictly legal, you can find it there.

Of course, credit and checks aren't exchanged because that is practically begging the seller to come in and ruin your life. In order to buy and sell goods over dark web, everyone uses bitcoin to maintain their privacy and security in a marketplace filled with shady characters.

Access is Sponsored by Some Pretty Great People

Although some occasionally malicious things go on in there, access to the dark web through Tor is actually supported by a lot of great organizations. This includes the United States Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, the National Science Foundation, Radio Free Asia, SRI International, and many more. Those are just the currently active sponsors, too. In the past everyone from Reddit to Human Rights Watch has given funds so that dark web access can exist.

Of course, they also get a number of individual donations from people who use the browser every day, too.

It is an Uncensored Platform for Free Speech

Dark web has gotten a pretty dark reputation to match its name. While some horrible things do show up there, its anonymous network is also used for good too, primarily free speech. For those who live in less liberal countries, dark net is essential for communication. Journalists and political activists in countries with restricted communication use dark net access to talk to each other and share information. Normal web users would be surprised to know that in a number of political revolutions, a good deal of planning was done on the dark web.

Even in countries where information is often freely shared and politics are more stable, the dark web has its uses. For example, many people log on for free and uncensored access to books that are banned in their country due to their ideals or sensitive content.

Malware is a Real Problem

Most normal web users don't want to go on the dark web without at least some technical common sense. One wrong click on the wrong link with the right JavaScript-enabled browser and you may never get your computer back from all the malware that was just uploaded on it. Keyloggers, trojans, ransomware, and much more often make its debut on the dark web before heading out topside.

It Goes Deeper, Darker

There is a lot of information about the dark web nowadays, but did you know that it goes deeper? The deeper, darker part of the dark web is known as Mariana's Web. Named after the Mariana's Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, Mariana's Web is a place that you don't want to go. It is where the worse of the gore and sexual abuse of all ages is held on the internet. While dark web operates in various shades of grey, Mariana's Web is nothing but blackness.

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