Secret Messaging Apps on the iPhone to Keep Conversations Secret

Secret Messaging Apps on the iPhone to Keep Conversations Secret

Having a cell phone is almost a necessity in this day and age, so when their children reach that age, many parents reach for an iPhone. They give into the popular belief that it is the safest means of communications as it is so easy to keep an eye on your child's messages. However, just like any other cell phone, your child can still download apps to keep their private conversations private, and these secret messaging apps might be allowing them to have dangerous conversations right under your nose.


This is one of the most popular apps of its kind on the iOS. It is prized for being the complete privacy package, allowing users to secure phone calls, send self-destructing texts, and hide any messages that the users wants saved on their device. Furthermore, the app also has a safe vault where the users can store any pictures, videos, or documents they don't want others to see. While it has handy features like being able to recall a sent message if sent to the wrong person, it does do a top notch job of keeping all sensitive information a good secret.


This app has been particularly popular as a secret messaging app because it doesn't require a lot of technical knowhow in order to use. It allows the ability to set up encrypted groups for private conversations so that you never really know who the user is chatting with. It also allows the encrypting of pictures as well as texts.


Have you been running into e-mails and text messages on your child's phone that look like a string of gibberish? Then they have probably started using encryption to escape your prying eyes. There are tons of encrypting apps on the market, but iTapCrypter is one of the top on the iOS. The app allows users to send messages like normal, but it just looks like a string of gibberish until the receiver puts in the password to read it.

Secret SMS+

Like iTapCrypter, Secret SMS+ allows users to send encrypted messages, but the major advantage of this app is that the recipient doesn't need to have it installed on their phone to see the messages. The receiver can decrypt any messages in a browser with the right password. So even if your child isn't sending out encrypted messages, it doesn't mean that they aren't receiving them from their friends.


While somewhat new on the market, Kibo has already become extremely popular as a privacy tool because it works with some many different apps like Facebook, iMessage, and WhatsApp. However, of all the secret messaging apps that your child might be using, Kibo is the most dangerous because it doesn't look suspect at all. Kibo allows the user to hide secret messages in completely ordinary messages. With the press of a button, the secret message becomes hidden in a random sentence.

This makes it look like users are having a completely innocent, albeit childishly random, conversation with someone on Facebook when they are actually talking about something that you have no way of finding out. It creates a frustrating situation for parents at best.

Sadly, these are just a small sampling of secret messaging apps available in the iPhone, both free and paid. However, the upside of these apps is that if you know about them, they are pretty easy to spot in the app list. Some have innocent-sounding names that wouldn't make you think twice unless you already knew what they were. So if you spot any of these apps on your child's phone, then you know that they are definitely up to something.

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