7 Crazy Things You (And Your Kids) Can Buy on the Dark Web

7 Crazy Things You (And Your Kids) Can Buy on the Dark Web

Shopping on the dark web is like looking at an iceberg. Buying morally questionable items like guns, drugs, and fake passports is just the tip of the iceberg, but you can trust that just below the surface there are infinitely more strange things to find. Although first intended to be a platform for the classified exchange of information, the dark web has now become a bustling and unregulated marketplace where you can buy just about anything if you have enough cryptocurrentcy.

So if guns and drugs are some of the more common goods that are bought and sold, what are some of the craziest items you can buy down on the dark web?

Credit Card Numbers

One would think that buying credit card numbers would be so expensive that it is not even worth it. However, sold in big bulk batches, they are actually surprisingly cheap. Why sell credit card numbers in bulk? Buying them one at a time comes with the huge risk of the number already being cancelled. By buying the numbers in bulk, those that would use them are guaranteed to get at least a few fresh ones. However, the more recently the numbers have been harvested, the more expensive the packages are, but the less risk of them all being canceled numbers.

Child Spirits

Feel like you need a guiding spirit of an innocent in your life? Not able to attract ghosts of your own? Well, apparently the dark web is the place to go if you want to buy child spirits. As they are advertised, the child spirits are captured from the unborn children of miscarriages and abortions. How one puts a bitcoin value on a spirit, we may never know. As to what actually comes with these packages besides child spirits, let us hope we never find out.

Pocket EMP

Tired of that one person on the bus that always listens to music on their cell phone without headphones? Why not destroy it? A dark web site out of China sells portable EMP generators. This little electromagnetic pulse device that is disguised as a device that adds credits to slot machines can effectively fry any electronic device in its small radius. The unfortunate downside is that it will also fry the cell phone in your own pocket.


Ricin is a deadly and easily weaponized toxin that is derived from castor beans. Creation, possession, and sale of it is highly illegal, but you can buy it on the dark web. Be aware that one of the dark web sellers out of Florida was sentenced to nine years in jail for selling it in 2015, though. He made the mistake of arranging an in-person sale, which probably shouldn't be done with any dark web goods.

Bitcoin Lottery Tickets

When an area of the internet uses its own special currency, it is only a matter of time before someone creates a way to gamble with it. Among the other typical gambling fare like poker and blackjack, the dark web also has its own lottery. You buy the tickets and wait for the drawings. However, there is no guarantee that the lottery is completely aboveboard, though.

3D Printed Anything

While buying 3D printed goods doesn't sound so nefarious that it needs to be on the dark web, when they say "anything," they mean anything. This includes weapons, credit card skimmers, bicycles, and whatever else you can dream up. If you can print it, they will print it for you.

Uranium Ore

Why worry about North Korea making nuclear bombs when any old mad rocket scientist can buy uranium ore off the dark web? While it would be hard to scrounge together enough ore on the dark web, much less refine it and equip it into something even somewhat destructive, it is still out there. However, the truly terrifying thing is that you can actually buy uranium ore on Amazon for much cheaper prices.

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