From: Dax Hamman

I am asking for your help...

A while back I created a parenting resource called the "Online Safety Group" ( At first it started as a for profit idea, promoting a book, co-authored with a super qualified child psychologist. 

However, over a short period of time, the safety content started to become very popular. It was being shared by parents, I was hearing stories about how it was really helping families, I did some radio appearances, its social presence started to grow....

It stopped being a content marketing strategy, and started to become something that really was making a difference, and now I use the revenue to help support the growth of the site.

So I am asking my community to help me grow the site, so we can help a lot more families together, and if you aren't sure why this stuff matters, check out these posts:

7 Stats That Show How Dangerous Technology Is For Our Kids

How I Learned About Online Parenting Dangers The Hard Way

Discuss: Sex Before Kissing - How 15-Year-Old Girls Are Dealing With Porn-Addicted Boys

Hopefully at this stage you are asking "Dax! Yes! How can i help?"...... :)

Marketing: A lot of you work in advertising and marketing, and can therefore contribute tactically. The marketing setup is ok, but I am sure things like my SEO and social setups can be better? My Pinterest approach is more copy&paste than strategy.

Personal sharing: Many of you are parents and will have dealt with some of the topics the site has talked about. I bet other parents can benefit from that story.

Sell: There is a really great book, "How To Protect Your Kids Online" that the site helps promote, and is written in the name of the Online Safety Group. I built the promo page on a long form cheesy sales page. Poor performance is not a reflection on the high quality of the content. Perhaps you have experience launching a book on Amazon or iBooks? It could be free, it could be more... how can we get it in the hands of more parents? Perhaps we get rid of the cheesy page, and have a simple eBook sales page? This site really doesn't need to make more than $50 a month to go on as is, (inc an occasional post writing service), so the price is not particularly important.

Share content: I bet some of you have a blog or social network with a large audience? If so, picks 1,2, 3 or more posts and share them. Encourage discussion on those topics, drive them back to the site.

Group chat: One of our guest authors shares these posts at their church group and school, perhaps that's something you can do?

Guest author: If you have something to say that our audience will benefit from, send it over.

If you you can help, (and I bet you can), contact me and let's chat. The easiest ways is through the contact form on this site, through LinkedIn or through Facebook. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, and your ideas.